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Let's Talk Microblading Corrections and Removals!

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Okay girls,so I get asked alot to do touch ups on other peoples work. The problem with this is that its usually it is a correction of some sort and that is why they are not returning back to their original tech. Lets talk about what qualifies as a correction:

1. You want your original shaped changed or tweaked.

The reason this is a correction is because we have to work around someone else's work. It has to viewed more as a cover up ( like a tattoo) then a touch up,which it is not. A touch up is literally someone going over your existing strokes and making them dark again.

2. You want the color fixed.

It is normal for permanent makeup and microblading to change slightly in color as you wear it for periods of time and just through the oxidation process. This can be fixed! However please make sure your tech has been trained in color theory of pigments. Otherwise they will not fix the problem they will just make it worse.

3. You hate your brows and you want them gone!

This can also be done. We do saline salt removals,which are gentle and effective most of the time. However keep in mind that there may be traces of the previous work still and you make need to camouflage with a new set of brows. If you are considering a removal DON'T do laser on your eyebrows because you will not be able do get microbladed or micropigmented over that sight again. The skin simply will not accept the pigment.

Since correction are actually alot more work then having a fresh pair of brows to work on,we charge accordingly. Corrective work is never charged as a touchup, expect to pay between $550-700 for corrective work. If we are doing a simple color correction it runs about $250 and results are instant. Removals require several session and run between $75 to $150.

Reach out to us if you have any questions! Email us at or check us out on instagram at

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Picture: Hybrid brow done by Natasha used to cover up old microbalding that the client was not retaining. We color corrected her brows first,which where greying and then layer a custom pigment color over it.

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