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Transform Your Brows with Expert Brow Lamination in Orlando

What is Brow Lamination?

Brow Lamination is essentially a keratin treatment that restructures brow hair, making it smoother and creating an illusion of fullness. The treatment allows your hair to be molded into any desired shape, provided there is enough natural hair

The Art of Brow Lamination

Create the Illusion of Fluffy Brows

For all babes that want to achieve the look of fluffy and thick brows

Control Brows

For fuzzy, curly or stiff brows that are out of control, as well as hairs growing in the wrong direction. Brow Lamination changes the direction of the hairs to your liking.

Fuller Look

Transforms sparse and dull brows to result in a fuller look.

Symmetrical Brows

Nobodys brows are perfect but Brow Lamination helps improve imperfections by making uneven brows more symmetrical. 

Strong and Nourished Brows

This formula helps to increase the quality of the hair structure.

Who is an Ideal Brow Lamination Candidate?

  • Anyone looking to improve the overall look of their brows

  • Anyone looking to create the illusion of fluffy brows.

  • Anyone looking to control unruly brows.

  • Anyone looking to transform sparse and dull brows into a fuller look.

  • Anyone looking for a treatment to make brow hair stronger and nourished.

  • Clients with sparse brows 

  • Clients who are growing out their brows

  • Clients not ready to commit to permanent makeup

  • Clients with unruly coarse brows 

  • Clients with stubborn natural hair growth patterns

  • Men or women

Before and After Brow Lamination

Is Brow Lamination Permanent?

No, on average, Brow Lamination lasts between 4 to 8 weeks, with the duration depending on the individual's hair cycle stage - a factor controlled by mother nature. It's crucial to avoid getting the brows wet for 24 hours post-treatment, as the hair follicles remain open; any moisture could result in apparent hair damage. Brow Lamination does require basic aftercare, including daily styling in the desired direction and daily application of a brow conditioner.

Step into Oh La La Brow Bar & Lash Studio and unlock the secret to bolder, more beautiful brows with our brow lamination service! Book a session at our eyebrow bar in Orlando today.

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