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Male Eyebrow Shaping Services Menu


Brow Tailoring | $20

We start by brow mapping every single time you visit. Brow mapping is a process where the face is measured out at all the key points of the brow in order to find the shape that suits you best based on your bone structure. This process allows us to assist you in grow back a botch brow job or reshaping your brow. It also helps us achieve better symmetry and consistency. This technique helps us achieve the better and longer lasting results than threading. We use a special zinc based wax that is formulated for sensitive and acne skin.


Brow Color Casting | $28

Tinting is a flat-based color that helps to color existing brow hair to give them a fuller look. We can custom mix any colors.

Brow Casting and Tailoring | $38

Male Waxing

Back | $60 +
Chest | $60+
Boyzilians | $75
Arms | $45+
Ears | $13
Nose | $13

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