Oh La La, Latina businesswoman designs looks that inspire By Ingrid Cotto


Natasha Martinez wants to transform lives by creating new looks in Oh the Brow Bar and Waxing Studio, a salon for eyebrow and waxing design. Learn how this Latina managed to establish her business as a single mother in Orlando, Florida. (Ingrid Cotto / Orlando Sentinel)

A modern room and murals that inspire you to take a selfie welcome the clients of Natasha Martínez. The entrepreneur with Puerto Rican roots smiles, infecting the visitors with a joy that inspires confidence.

So begins the experience of Oh the Brow Bar and Waxing Studio , an eyebrow and waxing design salon that seeks to transform lives by creating new looks. "The eyebrows are the frame of your face. If your eyebrows are not done well, the face is not balanced, "explained Martinez.

The style of the place reflects that balance with a decoration that evokes an exclusive club and elegant classic touches in black and white.

What distinguishes this place of beauty "is that we do what is known as brow mapping . We draw a shape for your face. We are literally measuring your face. We are going to make a map of your eyebrows, which is basically a plan for your eyebrows, "Martinez said.

The process of creating an eyebrow that will inspire saying oh la la begins by measuring key points of the eyebrow to find the shape that best suits the bone structure of each person. In some cases, the tool serves as a guide to help recreate eyebrows or change styles.

His dedication to creating intense looks, whether with thin, curved arcs or filling eyebrows sparse with ultramodern techniques such as microblading , has been rewarded with the smiles of customers and the boom he says his business has taken. "In the case of specialized services, such as pigmentation and hybrid eyebrows you have to make an appointment at least two months in advance," admitted the businesswoman.

More than a job, the beauty industry is a vocation that Martínez discovered at the age of 14 when he was helping his mother in a styling salon in Boston, Massachusetts. "My mom is a stylist, but she did not like eyebrows. So he taught me how to make eyebrows and I loved it ... Imagine, at that age I had an immense clientele. That was my job when I left school, "Martinez recalled.

The design of a dream that frames looks

The desire to establish his own business is something he brought to Florida, where he relocated to adulthood. Martínez, transformed a room in her apartment to receive her first clients in Orlando ... "I started from my house, to make money and I wanted to go back to school to get my license," she said.

However, she admits that she almost gave up her dream when she got pregnant because "The father of my child wanted nothing to do with my pregnancy, he never took responsibility," Martinez recalled, unable to hide her tears.

She felt afraid, but her longing to open her own studio and love for the child she had to care for as a single mother was more powerful. "... I knew I had to do it alone. I started my first studio when I was six months pregnant. It's something you do because you know there's no other alternative. You do it because it is what you have to do. I could not fail, she said.

Guided by his faith and her business sense she bet everything by investing the refund of a tax return in a commercial space. "I started by separating a space with $ 2,000. I started [the business] very small and every time it got bigger ... ", said Martinez.

This year, Oh La La Brow Bar and Waxing Studio's growth led him to relocate his services in a new location on Michigan Street, near downtown Orlando.

"As the owner of a business and woman and Latina, you will see that many instances people do not believe in you,that is when you have to believe in yourself. Especially in business. If you do not have money they do not take you very seriously, "she lamented and continued with a recommendation. "... you go with a strong, intelligent attitude and focus on studying what you want," added Martinez, who offers classes in eyebrow design ( brow mapping), microblading ,waxing and lash lifting classes among other things.

Now, the lessons learned from this experience are part of every transformation made in the study. "Empower, educate and esteem" is the mission of Oh the Brow Bar and Waxing Studio .

"We receive the clients and we always look for something positive to say, 'Hey, you changed your hair color! Or, 'Look you thinner'. I do not allow my employees to speak ill of the clients ever, because that the clients feel when they arrive, "Martinez said.

Firm look at the new trends

Maintaining the respect and trust of those who trust their faces in their hands is a goal that both Martinez and his employees take very seriously.

Therefore, the Brow Artist maintains itheir focus on learning and mastering the latest trends:

  • Microblading : A makeup technique that is part of aesthetic micropigmentation. The procedure seeks to correct or reconstruct eyebrows with few hairs, making small incisions using a special pen. "It's the most natural thing you can do in the world of semi-permanent makeup," said Martinez. The result lasts approximately 6 months to a year, depending on the type of skin of the person.

  • Hybrid eyebrows : A combination of microblading with permanent makeup "is a look a little more dramatic but a little more natural. Many people like it because it gives a well-formed eyebrow, "said Martinez.

  • Nanoblading : This new trend of semi-permanent pigmentation allows to restructure the hair-by-hair eyebrow by means of ultrafine needles that pigment the eyebrow.

Other alternatives include dyeing and sculpting three-dimensional eyebrows, as well as options to emphasize or recover expression in eyebrows and eyelashes. "I work a lot with people who have cancer or who have gone through cancer treatment, because that affects the eyebrows for years. We offer a discount for people who have that problem and do not have the money for those services, "said Martinez.


Martínez proudly shares photos and videos with the results of these offers on his web page and social networks, especially on his Instagram account @ohlalabrowbar.

However, their greater contribution to the beauty of their clients is something imperceptible, at least to the naked eye. "Make each of my ladies come out more secure, beautiful and radiant than they were before entering the door. We believe in empowering women and girls to achieve the dream they carry in their minds. Never allow anyone to tell you otherwise and do not settle for what life offers you. The most important thing is that you cannot forget is that a negative mind will never give you a positive life, "Martinez concluded.


Natasha Martínez, owner of Oh La La Brow Bar and Waxing Studio, designs brows using the brow mapping technique. (Cotto, Ingrid / The Sentinel)

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