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Airbrush Brows: Prepare to be Obsessed

Updated: Feb 21

The sleekest trend in brow tinting!

Ladies and Gents OMG! Airbrush brows are storming TikTok and Instagram at the moment and I think this trend is here to stay honey!

What is an Airbrush Brows?

A brow artist first brow maps and shapes your normal brows (waxing or threading), they then apply outline templates to the brow design to create a stencil around your natural brow. This is where is gets good, using a small airbrush machine, a custom brow tint is carefully sprayed onto your brows. This can be as soft and light as you would like or as deep and defined as you please. Always remembering the lighter and softer the tone the less wear you get out of it. We suggest not wetting the tint for 24 hours after the service.

Who would benefit from Airbrush Brows?

Typically, anyone who has sparse brows gappy eyebrows. Or anyone looking to have temporary coverage over hold microblading or permanent makeup. Sorry thick haired ladies and gents this probably isn't the best service for you but always feel free to explore. If you are "scared" of trying a tint for the first time, for fear of it being too dark, this maybe be a perfect alternative than having it hand applied. This service also pairs well with a lamination. Also consider adding brow Botox to add more fullness and volume to your brows.

For those intrigued by airbrush brows, we invite you to explore our blog on other topics like this such as eyebrow treatments and their benefits at

Additionally, if you find yourself in Orlando, feel free to visit our brow bar for a firsthand experience of our skilled artistry, where we can elevate your brows to perfection with our airbrush technique.

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