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Lash extension Retention be like.....

For my gals who rock luscious lash extensions retention on these are a little more difficult to pin point. First I want to say the aftercare on these will determine how good your retention is. If you sleep on your side or with your face in the pillow, scratch your eyes constantly or eyes water a lot, shoot even if your shampooing them incorrectly your going to have issues. Lash extensions are NOT for everyone. They require attention every 2-4 weeks to stay looking fresh and full and I’m sorry to burst your bubble but you have to baby them. Excessive roughness on them ( ei:going ham brushing them with your spooly while they are still wet fresh out of the shower), globs of unnecessary mascara and eyeliner, oily makeup removers are going to kill your lash extensions and fast! I recommend asking your lash tech to show you the best way to keep them shampooed. Invest into a pillow that cradles your face to facilitate you crushing your lash babies into the pillow and remove eyeliner with qtips gently with a non oil based remover. Oh and your mascara belongs in the trash can not on your extensions. Outside of aftercare there are a couple time a year when we humans shed much like animals do. During these times you will notice your retention goes out the window. Tear for all my lost lashes. Seasonal allergies also play a role in how well you do with lash retention. Watery eyes, constant rubbing or scratching? Or all of a sudden you literally feel your lids tender? Yup guess what? Those are those lovely seasonal allergies killing all your lash dreams. Personally I pop a couple of my favorite allergy medication and I’m a few days I’m back to normal but if your not educated in the complicated would of lash extensions you would never imagine this even being a problem. If you have any concerns about your sensitivities you can always request a patch test and wear it for a few days. See how you do with them and then go from there. And fair warning...welcome to your newest addiction! Written by Natasha Martinez, Elite brow artist and owner of Oh La La Brow Bar

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