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5 Things to know before you get microblading

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

I know it can be crazy and totally overwhelming when you take the leap to have your brows done semi permanently. Let me give you the scoop on thing to consider and some basic knowledge before you take you enter the amazing world of low maintenance brows.

  1. SPMU ( semi permanent makeup) falls into two categories: Microblading and Micropigmentation (Microshading).

  2. Microblading is done with a tiny blade with a hand tool. You can ONLY create hair strokes with this method. Think of this method as a deep paper cut where the pigment is also being packed in manually as well.

  3. Micropigmentation is done with a small needle implanting the pigment into the skin evenly with a stylus pen. Ombre brows, powder brows, microshading, nanobrows, nano-blading, cashmere, feather brows are ALL different styles of micropigmentation. Alot of the work you see on social media is actually different styles of micropigmenation or a combination of it with microbalding.

  4. Microblading favors certain skin types and is NOT for everyone. If you have oily or combination skin you should defiantly look at micropigmentation as an alternative option. Dry skin however does very well with microblading. Microblading is beautiful and looks amazing immediately after the service, the issues is usually visible after a few months of wear. If you don't have the proper skin type or aftercare the microbladed strokes will turn into blurry faded out mess.

  5. Micropigmentation retains wells on all skin types, oily, combination, dry, flaky, thin blah blah.. but there is a catch. If you love to use skin brighteners or worship the sun, it will fade faster then average. Aftercare is very important to the retention of any brow style you choose.

Written By Natasha Mar @Browprofessor Celebrity Brow Artist and Elite Trainer

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