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 777 Beautyprenuer Experience
Beauty Bar in a Box Master Training

Attention: Struggling Beginning Beautyprenuers


"My Proven One Week Method To Make 7 Figures As A Beauty Artist"

Create your 7 figure business in 7 days with 7 proven techniques


No previous experience needed


Learn from industry leaders

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3 months biz coaching included -you arent alone!


Garanteed Success Principals 

Everything you need to survive in the beauty industry

Are you struggling to launch your beauty business? Are you struggling with getting clients? Are you recenlty graduated from aethetics school and don't have enough training to get hired? Do you want to learn how to open,manage and run your beauty bar successfully? Build a team? Have you taken other trainings in hopes of growing your career but still feel stuck? Confused? Unsure?  Are you have a dream of building you own salon suite,but have no clue where or how You are the inspiration behind this program! The 777 Beautyprenuers Experience was created for you my darling!

In this 7 day training you will be learning A-Z the success steps that earned me my first million! Can you see yourself achieving the success you deserve and know your capable of? Then lets join hands and do it together. All I ask is a positive attitude and an open mind to receiving new concepts and out of the box thinking to transform your life. All the classes and coaching is taught by successful industry learners and entrepreneurs with over 35 combined years of experienced. 

What you will learn in the 777 immersive experience:

Day 1 All about Brows

  • Brow Waxing 

  • Brow Mapping

  • Brow Tinting

  • Henna/Hybrid Tinting

  • Brow Lamination

  • Break out rooms for extra attention & one on one help

  • Mapping kit included

  • Brow Lamination kit included


Day 2 + 3 All about Permanent Makeup

  • String Method Brow Mapping

  • Microshading- Ombre,powder and combo brows

  • Microblading

  • Salt and saline removals

  • Color correction

  • Break out rooms for extra attention & one on one help

  • PMU Kit included

  • Tattoo Machine included

Day 4  All about the business of beauty

  • Facing your fears, do it! Lets 

  • Goal Planning for guaranteed success in business and life
  •  Mindset Ignite the fire mindset
  • How to start with little to no money & tap into secret funding
  • Proper licensing and insurance- Cover your Ass-ets
  • Business Planning- where to go once you start and how to level up
  • How to create a great branding experience 101
  • Naming your business- the power of meaning
  • Find your niche- find your wealth
  • Becoming a sales magnet
  • Building a solid client base
  • Booked solid- locking in your dream clientele
  • How to go from home based to suite owner
  • Let's build a team- how to pay employees and how much


Day 5 Program Development Day - Launch your own training programs!

  • Creating a cash injection to super charge your business with trainings
  • How to create a class from scratch
  • Creating trainings manuals, schedules and playbooks
  • Buying Wholesale directly from the factories (receive my personal list of distributors)
  • How to market your trainings and create value for your students
  • Best platforms for creating online trainings

Day 6 How to launch your Salon Suite

  • A-Z From breaking ground to grand opening
  • I'll teach you how I launched 
  • How to receive free rent, free build out and more
  • What to look for in a commercial property
  • How to make residual income with tenants and talent
  • How to time and budget your project
  • What you need to start, even if you don't have funding
  • Leasing out your suite and spaces
  • Q and A of your burning questions

Day 7 Mentorship Day - When the magic really happens!

  • Custom One on one action plans for each student

  • Custom One on one strategy for marketing your Brand

  • Custom One on one Branding strategy session with Branding coach

  • Custom One on one strategy map for hiring a team

  • Custom strategy for setting pricing and staying competitive

  • Business Plan and how it helps you stay on track

  • How to do your own market research for the best traffic areas



Free 3 months of Vision Quest Mastermind Biz Group 

Free Month of Coaching Calls with one of our certified business coaches

Free Business Starter Bundle Forms, over 50 Free forms!

Free Busting Money Blocks Workbook

Free Microbalding and PMU Client and waiver forms                                  

Free employment contracts

Free lease agreement contracts

Free Continuing Education Brow Mapping online training


Free Abundance Planner

Free Goal Planner












January 8-14 2023

10- 5PM Daily

Training time may vary from day to day, however all classes will start at 10:00 Eastern time daily.


Event will be hosted at Salon Empire Suites located at 1750 Sunshadow Dr,Casselberry, FL 32707.

How can I apply for financing or payment plans?

We offer in house payment plans as well as no interest financing. If your interested in setting up a payment plan please give us a call at 321-236-1095. If you are interested in financing  

$500 Value

$1000 Value

$700 Value

$200 Value

$50 Value

$ 750 Value

$1250 Value

$500 Value

$50 Value

$750 Value

$1300 Value

$2000 Value

$2000 Value

$99 Value




$900 Value

$1250 Value

$550 Value

$600 Value

$500 Value

$500 Value

$500 Value


$1000 Value


$2500 Value


$1000 Value


$500 Value

$550 Value

$1050 Value




$150 Value

$275 Value

$350 Value

$350 Value

$500 Value

$350 Value

$350 Value

$ 750 Value

$ 1250 Value

$700 Value

$250 Value



$100 Value

$36 Value

$25 Value

$40 Value

Total Value =


Changing the life's of Beautypreneurs:
  • No previous experience needed

  • 3 Months of free business coaching with industry leaders include

  • Guaranteed to learn success principals

  • Hands on experience

  • Ongoing Support

  • Get certified and start making money immediately

  • Hosted Live and hands on January 8-14 2023 in Orlando FL

We give you  THE TOOLS You Need
To Market, Sell and Deliver Results!

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