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What is nanoblading? What is microblading? Get the 411 now!

I’ve been getting this exact question on a daily basis at the salon and quite honestly, if your not in the know, this is super confusing! Literally nano, micro... what?! Let me start by discussing each technique. Microblading is a method of SPMU ( Semi permanent makeup) where a small blade is used to create hairlike incisions into the skin manually. Microblading is a very natural beautiful service, however it doesn't do exceptionally well on all skin types. If you have oiler or combination skin, the color retention and stroke work may fade or bleed together rapidly. Nanoblading,looks very very similar to microblading, however the major difference is that nanoblading is a type of micropigmentation. Micropigmentation is also a SPMU technique in which a small needle,the size of an acupuncture needle, is used to create hairstokes in the skin. The needle is attached to a pmu stylus pen machine. Since this method is done mechanically, the pigments are driven into the skin with more accuracy,making the retention fabulous for all skin type and extending the retention and life of the brow. Nanoblading is one of the many styles that can be created with micropigmentation. Some of the other micropigmentation styles you may already know are: ombre brows, Powder brows, Nano brows, and of course nanoblading.

Microblading vs. Micropigmentation:


  • Hairstrokes


  • Ombre

  • Powder

  • Nanobrows

  • Hybrid

  • Nanoblading

  • Feather

  • Cashmere

  • Stardust


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