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Updated: Mar 15

As we enter a new era for brows we are seeing a huge amount of different brow treatments to achieve a fuller look. This is leaving us increasing wondering "what is the best brow service for me?" Brow Lamination is the newer kid on the block for all you gals who struggle with brow gels and keeping hair in place, trying to grow brows in, or want that super fluffy full look. A brow lamination is a keratin treatment that will restructure your brow hair to be smoother, which creates the illusion of fullness. The hair can be molded into any shape you desire, as long as you have enough natural hair. Who is a candid for a brow lamination?

Any one looking to create the illusion of Fluffy Brows

Any one looking to control unruly brows

Any looking to transforms sparse and dull brows into a fuller look.

​​Any one looking for a treatment to make brow hair Stronger and Nourished 

Are you still curious about the process? Check out for more info.

Brow Lamination last on average 4-8 weeks depending on where the client is in her hair cycle (yup mother nature has control over this one) and can not get wet 24 hours after the treatment ( you will deeply regret getting them wet before hand as your hair follicle still open and the hair will appear damaged). Brow lamination do require basic aftercare. We recommend styling them daily into the direction you desire and using a brow conditioner daily.


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