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Are you ready for 2021?

“Don’t be the big fish in the small pond.  Have you heard you are the sum of the top five people you hang around? We tend to forget our net worth can be correlated to this too  Let’s redefine our net worth and prioritize enhancing our self-growth.  We know this doesn’t happen in your comfort zone.  Come hang out, play, and network with women who have taken control of their futures and own successful self-made business’ worth owning.  These women will share their secret sauce how to build an uplifting culture, systems, strategies and tools to run and grow your current business.  Be willing to invest in yourself, endure life’s obstacles, and embrace change.  Don’t forget muscles can’t grow unless you lift the heavy weight! Let’s start this challenge together.  You will thank your future self! Join us for advance,experiences and know how from gals who have done it, euatrepenures and life/ business coaches . We will provide a virtual goodie bag which includes a full goal setting planner, certificate of completion and so much more... yoo hooo!

December 13TH 2020 1PM - 6PM

This will be a virtual event, Link will be provided via email to connect to session 15 minutes prior to event.

Please be sure to have zoom downloaded.




































































     Lilo Marin                  Marisol Soderstrom                   Candace Peroli                Natasha Martinez             Kendra Davies                 Elena Sanchez

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Entrepreneur & 


Entrepreneur, Product Development & Trainer


Real Estate development and sales

Influencer, Social Media Specialist & Content Creator

Entrepreneur, Business Development & Trainer

Life Coach, Speaker & workshops

Join us! 

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