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Over the years I have invested, launched ,sold and opened many businesses including a hair salon ,several beauty bars ,a party rental company ,several online stores that retail different products , a printing company, a coaching and training company,assisted others In launching their own successful companies And most recently I’ve created and developed a commercial real estate franchise. Some of my businesses have skyrocketed to phenomenal success and some not so much but I always use the experience as a lesson not a failure. Over a decade I have employed and trained hundreds of people and employees, sold millions of dollars worth in services, products and trainings and taken a company from zero to thousand within a months. With a lot of creativity and very little start of cash. Through a lot of hard work ,luck and blessings I’ve been able to encounter some amazing people, experience pretty cool things and worked with amazing opportunities

But life was not always that easy,I’ve been abused, I’ve been abandoned during my first pregnancy and left to raise a child alone , I’ve been homeless ,I’ve been flat ass broke eating dollar store cereal with no power in my apartment , l’ve been in toxic relationships, I’ve been sued & the list goes on and on but what never changes is the power to create the opportunities you want if you really want it . You and only you determine your success so I invite you to learn from my mistakes and avoid pitfalls. Let me show you how to win. A strategy and few adjustments that will open the key for a better future,business,career & life!

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Business Development Mentor

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  • One on One Mentoring

  • Business Planning

  • Cost effective marketing Strategies

  • Bullet proof growth

  • Assistance with contracts negotiations

  • Start up cost devising and budgeting

  • Secret sales and retention blueprints

  • Proven Methods

Book your discovery call


Lock in your company style and feel to become  recognizable 


Development from A-Z

Space Design, Color Palette to Business Plans and Finances


Assistance with building the architecture of your company 


Step by Step one on one guidance with your specific project needs

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