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UNDO: Non-Laser Tattoo Removal

UNDO is a non-laser pigment removal system that safely facilitates the removal of unwanted pigment from permanent makeup, scalp micro-pigmentation and small to medium sized body tattoos.

UNDO is formulated with the highest quality natural ingredients, resulting in a skin-appropriate lightening product with an objective of minimizing sessions for success.

What makes UNDO Non-Laser Tattoo Removal different from other systems?

It is made of natural ingredients. Most other tattoo removal methods utilize saline, acids, lasers or other harmful chemicals.  UNDO is made of natural ingredients and has gone through EU testing in a medical lab.

What is the UNDO Non-Laser Tattoo Removal System?

UNDO is a 3 step non-laser tattoo removal system designed to safely remove all ink and pigment colors from any skin tone.

Deracination Serum: With natural active ingredients such as bentonite as well as aloe leaf extract and hydrolyzed sodium hyaluronate, the deracination serum is designed to “wake up” the dormant ink in the skin and pull it to the surface, while simultaneously hydrating the skin from beneath and improves elasticity in order for it to heal cleaner with minimal scar tissue.

Lifting Clay Mask: This clay mask has a unique composition and can act as a magnet that attracts negatively charged toxins as well as any additional ink brought to the surface during the Deracination process. People have been using calcium bentonite clay for centuries as a way to detoxify the body and improve skin tone.

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Healing Micro-Current Mask:  Our healing masks aid in quicker healing, with smoother skin and without scar tissue, which enables us to curtail the recovery time after treatments and shorten the healing time in between sessions for faster results (typically about 4 weeks versus 6-8 weeks). Our healing masks include Tissue X® technology which is the world’s first TDDS (Transdermal Drug Delivery System) which conveniently delivers the benefits of iontophoresis treatments to the skin, as used by many dermatologists. Using Tissue X® technology our healing microcurrent masks deliver the active ingredients and macromolecule healing compounds, such as hyaluronic acid, peptides and vitamins into deeper layers of the skin.

Why Choose UNDO Non Laser Tattoo Removal?


Laser tattoo removal is the most popular tattoo removal method today and has many downsides. One of the biggest downsides to laser tattoo removal is the number of sessions required to see results.  Some clients pay and go through 20 sessions, only to end up with a tattoo that is faded but not completely removed.  | can remove your unwanted ink in fewer treatments than laser tattoo removal.

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UNDO is Cost Effective 

UNDO works in fewer sessions, thus it is more affordable than laser tattoo removal.

UNDO is the Safest Method

With laser tattoo removal, the ink that is broken down by the laser is not removed from the surface of the skin, but rather absorbed into the body. Your lymphatic system will remove the ink from your body, and you will excrete it when you urinate.  Unfortunately, no studies have been done on how long the ink absorption process takes, or what impacts the remaining ink in your body can have. The exceptional part about UNDO is that it actually lifts the ink out rather than absorbing it into your body.  The Deracination Serum helps the ink rise to the surface of the skin and gets formed in the scab, and when the scab falls off the ink will fall off with it.

Comfortable Experience

Laser and saline tattoo removal is not a painless experience. In fact, we have had several clients report that it is more painful than getting tattooed in the first place.  UNDO Non-Laser Tattoo Removal technician’s apply a local anesthetic before the procedure to ensure that you are comfortable.

No Ink or Skin Tone Restrictions

With laser tattoo removal, there are many different factors that affect the results of the treatment, such as the color of ink used, skin tones, location and age of the tattoo.  With UNDO, you will receive outstanding results regardless of ink color, skin tone or the location of the tattoo. 

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