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maran__: there is a control applet in the notification area. jushur: no jushur: is there any way? maran__: right click on the area where you have the time, and there is an option somewhere to add to panel What command would I use in terminal to check the time on my server? maran__: then add a clock applet. Pingu, date Pingu: date -u jushur: hm. looks like he found an old theme with that background already. Thanks :D jushur: i dont have clock applet jushur: i have only 9 panel maran__: right click on the 9 panels, and select add maran__: just search for "time" in the panel list jushur: add clock applet to panel?? or was it that arghx: yes arghx: but i can not find it maran__: right click on the 9 panel, and select "add" arghx: i cant find "clock applet to panel" maran__: look for "add to panel" arghx: there are two option to add "taskbar applet" arghx: "Time" maran__: there's a time applet too. but as far as I understand that's just for the clock. right? hi i'm having troubles with my ati mobility radeon hd 4570, i have installed the correct drivers and it still says a software glx disabled ? t : you can use ubuntu software center to find ati's proprietary drivers t: then why are you using



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GT N7100 WIFI.ZIP DOWNLOAD Tennis Hacker Everwo [March-2022]
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