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What is Nanoblading?

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

What is nanoblading? The world of spmu (semi permanent makeup)literally was been blazing hot in the last couple years. However I have found so much confusion in my consultation with me clients between all the brow flavors now available. Let get down to the newest beautiful beauty trend! Nanoblading, which is done by machine with a tiny nano needle ( acupuncture size needle) to create hair like strokes in the brows. Nanoblading is a type of SPMU called micropigmentation it is NOT Microblading but it does closely mimic it. Nanoblading can be used to create, correct and enhance your natural brows. The retention of a nanobladed brow is highly better then Microblading since the pigment is implanted a bit deeper and evenly in the skin. I’m definitely not knocking Microblading because it also has it own beauty, but Microblading requires the right skin type and conditions to truly heal at its best. In my professional opinion if you have combination or oily skin, have an active lifestyle ( sweating profusely on a regular basis) or use products that keep you skin constantly renewed to keep it youthful nanoblading is most likely a better option for you. Now let’s be realistic ladies, a lot of you constantly complain about the fact that SPMU requires maintenance and wish your brows didn’t fade so rapidly. SPMU is made to fade so that the brows can be changed as brow trends change, aging changes the structure of your face and sometimes you may not want to continue having your brows done, making the removal process easier then in the past. The semipermanent natural of the service allows for flexibility in the future. We seem to forget how unforgiving permanent makeup of the past was. If your considering having your brows nanoblading, book a consultation and talk to a licensed ( not just certified)professional, ask who they have trained with and how long they have been licensed. Ask to see portfolio of their past work. Book a few services prior to your service where you can see yourself with “new” brows for a trial run first and most important be realistic about the look you want. A new set of brows cannot fix facial asymmetrical issues, we can try our best to alleviate the problem but if God didn’t make it better neither can we, but we sure can get them closer then you previously had them. Also being mindful of the amount of natural hair you currently have prior to the service can indicate what type of micropigmentation style is best for you and also what brow shape your brow artist will choose to customize for you. We all love the beautiful world of social media and the insane before and after photos but we fail to realize the healed results usually look a lot different since most of this work is photographed immediately after the service is completed. Do your homework dolls and I promise you your brow experience will be amazing! Check out our article about the healing process and what to expect for more info.

Before and after results of NanoBlading
What is Nanoblading?

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