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Let's talk Lush Lashes!

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

We love new trends and lashes over at Oh La La! So whats the newest and most low maintenance way to achieve these lush beauties?! LASH LIFT! A lash lift is a Keratin based treatment that involves a certified tech, gluing your natural lash down to a rod or pad ( depending on the look we are aiming for) and applying several perming formulas and tint to lift ,curl and darken your naturally straight and volumeless lashes. The results are instant and can last from 4-8 weeks. What can be better then going mascara-less for over a month? This is definitely a win for us!


Don't forget..Long Lashes Long Life

Eyelashes before and after a lash lift
Let's talk Lush Lashes!

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